Water Features

When considering to renovate your existing pool, its worthwhile contacting an Ero Pools technician to talk you through all the new types of extra feature additions that are possible. Ero Pools specialise in all types of water jets and return features, from simple water-blade waterfalls to high powered jets used to swim against in the pool.

Depending on your pool surrounds and existing plumbing provisions, this may be a very simple or extremely difficult process. When installing features, some things to consider are:

  • Where do you plan to install the feature
  • how difficult is it to run power and plumbing provisions to the area (is there concrete surrounding the area, or grass)
  • What extra pumps and energy costs will be required to run the feature

badu badu 2

Badu Swim Jets are the most advanced on the market. They offer endless pool fun for children and adults alike, and pack a mean punch for the serious swimmer.

feature feature2

Water-blade returns also make for a beautiful feature and can be finished on different types of materials, including stack-stone, render/paint, dry-wall and mosaic tiles.